Evergreen Conference Thanks Emerald Data

Today the pre-conference begins for the International Evergreen Conference 2017 in Covington, Kentucky. Every year it feels like the pre-conference gets just a bit bigger and this year is no exception. In the early years of the conference we didn’t even worry about registration for it as it was a relatively few handful of developers that showed up for a hackfest. Over the years we have added more and more including community meetings and now two different tracks of three hour workshops and presentations. Along with all of this is a need for community support to make it happen. So, we want to thank both our wonderful volunteers and a sponsor that helped make this happen this year – Emerald Data. Emerald Data provides support services for Evergreen and has been a long time community member so we appreciate their support and involvement in our community.

Emerald’s Website: http://emeralddata.net/
Emerald’s Twitter: @emeralddata

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