Evergreen Holiday Lunch Party

Equinox hosted a small Evergreen lunch party/gathering yesterday, and it seemed a perfect opportunity to get a picture of many folks who work together all the time, but rarely see each other. Sadly, one of our number had to take the picture–thanks to Lamar Veatch, Georgia State Librarian for performing the picture-taking duty.

Happy Holidays from the Evergreen gang (clicky for a larger image).

Pictured, from the left:

Tim Daniels, GPLS

Bob Molyneux, Equinox

Don McMorris, Equinox

Hilary LaJeunesse, with Will LaJeunesse

Brad LaJeunesse, Equinox

Elizabeth McKinney de Garcia, GPLS

Art Rhyno, University of Windsor

Bin Lin, GPLS

Jason Etheridge, Equinox

Bill Erickson, Equinox (squatting)

Sally Murphy, GPLS

Brandon Uhlman, British Columbia, Ministry of Education, Pines Project

Dan Scott, Laurentian University

(behind Dan is Dilbert, but he was shy)

Mike Rylander, with Avery Rylander

Sara Rylander, with Baby #2 Rylander (in the oven)

Lamar Veatch, GPLS (behind the camera)