Evergreen Program at Computers in Libraries

This will get a repeat in the Evergreen newsletter, but it’s worth its own blurb. (Is this the first Evergreen-related program at Computers in Libraries, or as tweeters and taggers often call it, CiL?)

If you’re going to CiL2009, hope to see you at this program! Sounds like we have a good start of a Birds of a Feather/meetup/whatever –  if you’ll be there, comment with your best meetup times.

Program title: Open Source Implementations

Presenters: Karen Collier, Public Services Librarian & Andrea Neiman, Technical Services Librarian, Kent County Public Library; Ruth Dukelow, Associate Director, Michigan Library Consortium; Karen Schneider, Equinox Software

Program: “This session showcases recent successes with open source library software, including the first public library in Maryland to go live with open source library automation software, and another experience migrating to a multilibrary installation.  Speakers discuss why they chose open source software, describe what was involved in selecting and implementing an open source library ILS, compare traditional versus open source licensing models, describe what went right, and lessons-learned, and address some of the challenges and opportunities open source software presents in library settings.”