Evergreen Project Represents at ALA Midwinter

The Evergreen project highlighted the web client and the modern workflows it supports during the recent American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter 2018 meeting.

Elizabeth Thomsen of NOBLE facilitated the session.  Shae Tetterton of Equinox Open Library Initiative highlighted new features of the web client while Debbie Luchenbill of MOBIUS talked about plans for the upcoming Evergreen conference in St. Charles, Missouri.

The Evergreen Outreach Committee plans these programs during the ALA midwinter meetings and annual conferences to increase Evergreen’s visibility in the larger library community and to connect with existing users who we may not see at the Evergreen conference or through other community channels.

The Outreach Committee started this effort at ALA Annual 2015 in San Francisco when the community, using donations from Evergreen sites, sponsored an exhibit booth at the conference. Although the community has not sponsored a booth since that time, the Outreach Committee has committed to scheduling programs since that time as a way to showcase the software and community to potential and existing users.

Plans are already underway for our upcoming program at ALA Annual in New Orleans, called Tech gurus optional, which will focus on the many different ways libraries can host and support an open-source system.