Evergreen releases: 2.0 beta 3,, 5

In a nice change of pace (hah!), the development team has been hard at work over the past week. We have published new releases in three of the current development and maintenance Evergreen branches on the downloads page.

For libraries looking for acquisitions, user-friendly serials, and more, the third beta release of Evergreen 2.0 was published on November 22nd. Containing 30 bug fixes, the release represents one more major step towards a final 2.0 release. Keep helping us out with those bug reports! To make it easier for you to try out Evergreen 2.0, we have made a virtual image available of this release.

Libraries currently running a 1.6.1.x version of Evergreen will be interested in the release. With just six bug fixes since the release, the release represents a nice stable home for your production Evergreen library.

If your library is still on a 1.6.0.x release and isn’t ready to upgrade to, the release is for you. With only 4 bug fixes since, has stabilized and is expected to be the last release in the 1.6.0.x series.

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5 thoughts on “Evergreen releases: 2.0 beta 3,,

  • Luis


    I was trying to run the virtual machine, but when I am trying to make the log in with the credentials “admin” / “open-ils” on “Evergreen Staff Client” windows it return login failed.

    Does anyone can give me a help to solve this?



  • jason

    Hi Luis,

    I would ask this again on the wider public mailing list, OPEN-ILS-DEV, where there are more folks expecting questions like this:

    You should also provide such details as which specific virtual image you downloaded, what steps you took to get Evergreen started within it, whether you’re using the staff client within or outside of the image, and if the latter, what network settings you configured the image with.

    We’re happy to help!
    — Jason

  • Luis

    Hi Jason,

    The virtual machine “Virtual image (beta 3)” that we can find int the Evergreen Downloads page.
    The steps performed are those described in the readme(“http://evergreen-ils.org/~denials/Evergreen_2_0_beta3_Fedora14/README”).

    The staff client i am running it inside the image, there is any problem with that?

    everything seems to be ok, the hostname “localhost” is recognized, the Workstation is “BR1-beta3”, only the login is failing!

    Any idea of the problem??
    – Luis

  • luis


    it is working, but I needed one more thing if you do not bother! need a tutorial on how to work with the evergreen, such as adding new records of books, pictures or even creating new types of documents!? Does someone could give me anything?


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