Evergreen Scales Down. Way down.

Much ado has been made about Evergreen’s ability to scale up with both its service-oriented architecture and consortia-savvy interfaces, and as folks witnessed at PLA, it can also scale down to the size of a laptop. Well, now we have really done it. We have taken the n-tier concept to the extreme and have introduced fractional-tiers! Yes, you can now partition your data into quanta, and from base axiomatic principals truly grow Evergreen into a fractal framework that will help gestalt your libraries into the next millennium. It’s no longer about consortia; instead, it’s all about personal digital appliances and technological augmentation. You can take an Evergreen data seed, and install it on, say, an mp3 player or cell phone, or, if you want to really be on the bleeding edge (literally), you can plant an Evergreen data seed into a biochip and have it surgically implanted into your neocortex, freeing you forever from the confines of conventional search and discovery interfaces. Now you can carry your data with you! If you could put Google into your brain, would you? Well, this isn’t Google, but it can be your library!

Welcome to the brave new world of Evergreen!

— Jason