Evergreen to Participate in Outreach Program for Women

The Evergreen project will participate in the Outreach Program for Women, a program organized through the GNOME Foundation to improve gender diversity in Free and Open Source Software projects.

The Executive Oversight Board voted last month to fund one internship through the program. The intern will work on a project for the community from December 9, 2014 to March 9, 2015. The Evergreen community has identified five possible projects for the internship: three are software development projects, one is a documentation project, and one is a user experience project.

Candidates for the program have started asking questions in IRC and on the mailing list as they prepare to submit their applications, which are due on October 22, 2014. They will also be looking for feedback on their ideas. Please take the opportunity to share your thoughts with them on these ideas since it will help strengthen their application.

If you are an OPW candidate trying to decide on a project, take some time to stop into the #evergreen IRC channel to learn about our project and to get to know the people responsible for the care and feeding of Evergreen. We are an active and welcoming community that includes not only developers, but the sys admins and librarians who use Evergreen on a daily basis.

To get started, read through the Learning About Evergreen section of our OPW page. Try Evergreen out on one of our community demo servers, read through the documentation, and sign up for our mailing lists to learn more about the community. If you are planning to apply for a coding project, take some time to download and install Evergreen. Each project has an application requirement that you should do before submitting the application. Please take time to review that application requirement and find some way you can contribute to the project.

We look forward to working with you on the project!