Evergreen Version 1.2.3 Released

Evergreen version 1.2.3 was released August 5, 2008.

New features in 1.2.3 include a Shelving Location search filter, search configuration parameters, the ability to set the per-circulation maximum fine amount to a percentage (including more than 100%) of the item price, web-based Self-Checkout functionality (Evergreen has supported SIP2 since its first release, but this is a non-SIP self-check option), and support for XML-only Z39.50 servers, such as MARCXML-backed Zebra installations.

Bugs fixed in this release include two new reporter operators, report editor display (horizontal scrolling) issues, potential encoding problems for RSS and Atom feeds, fine interval parsing, and enhancements for single-location installations.

For more information about this release, see this high-level roadmap or visit the 1.2.3 release page on Evergreen’s documentation wiki.

Release 1.4 is due out September, 2008, and its planned features can also be viewed at the high-level roadmap.