First Evergreen Releases of 2020

The Evergreen Community is celebrating the new year with two new releases: Evergreen 3.4.2 and Evergreen 3.3.6. These two releases look to the past to find and resolve troublesome, long-standing bugs. The releases also look to the future, including bug fixes for Evergreen’s new and emerging features, like the experimental staff catalog and carousel features. 24 individuals from 11 different organizations contributed to these releases.

Evergreen 3.4.2 includes fixes related to the Acquisitions, Administration, Cataloging, Circulation, and Hatch portions of Evergreen. Evergreen 3.3.6 includes fixes related to the Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Circulation portions of Evergreen. To learn more about the specific improvements in these releases, please refer to the 3.4.2 release notes, 3.3.6 release notes, or the consolidated tabular release notes.

The releases are available on the Evergreen downloads page.