Google Summer of Code 2013 – Evergreen Project

The Evergreen Project was accepted for the third year into the Google Summer of Code for 2013 among 177 other open source projects.  We asked for and received one student slot; our intent this summer is to focus on providing quality community guidance and mentoring for this student.

As always, the mentors took careful review of all student proposals submitted for GSOC projects with Evergreen.  While we wish we could have chosen more of the best proposals, ultimately we could only choose one.

Congratulations to Dmitry Nechai, Chernihiv State Technological University, who submitted a proposal to work on “Build a customizable dashboard to show library usage and server health“.  Coding is scheduled to begin soon and we expect to hear lots from Dmitry as he begins his work.  His IRC nickname is “laque”, so look for him in our IRC channel to say hello.

Jason Stephenson (Merrimac Valley Library Consortium) and Benjamin Shum, (Bibliomation) will be the primary mentors working with Dmitry on this project.  That said, Google Summer of Code is intended to introduce student interest in working with open source projects and we invite the whole Evergreen community to participate by communicating openly with our student.  Together, we hope for a positive learning experience, some new code, and some fun this summer.

More to follow!