Hack-A-Way 2017 Is HERE!

As I type a small knot of Evergreeners have already congregated and begun hashing out topics far and wide at the Atlanta aIrport.  While this certainly isn’t the Hack-A-Way proper it’s appropriate that an informal event has an informal soft start.  This isn’t to say that the Hack-A-Way is completely free form.  Over the years the Hack-A-Way has become an increasingly important part of the community’s development cycle and that has been reflected by it’s attendance and the infrastructure necessary to support it.  While we still try to keep obstacles out of the way of development and discussion one thing we have added governance for is to recognize the need to affirm that the Hack-A-Way must be a welcoming space for attendees.

Towards this end the Evergreen community as a whole, including the Hack-A-Way, have adopted a formal code of conduct:

Evergreen Event Code of Conduct

Inevitably, we can’t think of every possible thing to include in a code so this is more representative than definitive.  Towards this end we ask attendees to abide by it’s spirit as well as letter and remind them to be aware of the diversity in our community and avoid being inflammatory whether it’s religion, politics or even sports if discussion touches on these areas.

Additionally, we will have a photography and video policy in effect that we ask everyone abide by:


Evergreen Event Photography/Audio/Video Policy


We have three emergency responders that will be available if any attendees have issues with other attendees and conduct:

Kathy Lussier of MassLNC

Galen Charlton of Equinox

Rogan Hamby of Equinox

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you have an issue that you feel you need to report or even just need to talk to someone about something that made you uncomfortable but aren’t sure how you want to handle it.

#evgils #hackaway17