Hack-A-Way 2018

I’m pleased to announce that the selection committee for the 2018 Hack-A-Way have made their choice.  We had several competing offers to host the event in 2018 from wonderful community members.  Having just wrapped up spending two years in Indiana, hosted by Evergreen Indiana, I can say that the bar has been set pretty high for future events.  This year Kathy Lussier from MassLNC, Dan Wells from Calvin College and Jason Boyer from Evergreen Indiana, all past hosts, acted as our selection committee.

And the choice was …. we’re going back to Atlanta!  The host is Equinox Open Library Initiative.  Equinox is now the second institution to be a two time host and was the host of the original Hack-A-Way in 2012.  In a way it seems fitting.  Back in 2012 we had the first discussions of what became the web based staff client and we are returning as we approach the next wave of challenges.

I would like to thank everyone who submitted proposals, who acted on the selection committee and otherwise do so much to make this happen for the community.  More communication will be forthcoming in the next week as a follow up survey to the 2017 Hack-A-Way comes out both to look back at the past Hack-A-Way and to start planning it for 2018.