Well, ain’t that always the way.  In an attempt to fix one thing, we’ve broken another.

In we fixed a bug whereby searches containing a colon, but not one that denotes a search class or modifier (like “keyword:” or “site:”), we being completely ignored.  However, that cause complications for some other searches.  The main place we’ve seen this show up is in the Z39.50 server, where requesting holdings output always causes the construction of an offending search.

This was identified by Dan Scott last night, after reports from users in the field, and I committed a fix to all open branches as of 11:00 AM EST today.  We’ll be cutting a new release,, as soon as a translation-related fix is applied but in the mean time you can see the change and download the updated file you need right here.  If you’ve installed Evergreen into the default location, drop this file into /openils/lib/perl5/OpenILS/Application/Search/ and restart the whole shebang.  Your searches will then all be happy.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please join us in IRC or let us know on the mailing lists.