Jason Stephenson: Evergreen Contributor of the Month

The Evergreen Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that July’s Contributor of the Month is Jason Stephenson. Jason serves as the ILS Manager for C/W MARS in Massachusetts, and has been a key contributor to the Evergreen project over the years.

At C/W MARS, Jason maintains their Evergreen instance and its supporting infrastructure. Jason also provides independent consultation via his firm, Sigio. Jason’s experience as an Evergreen administrator informs his development work. “Since I have struggled with many of the same problems, I can sympathize with someone trying to run Evergreen for the first time,” he says.

Jason has an extensive history with Evergreen — when asked how long he has been participating with the community, Jason did a little digging and responded, “I have to admit that the answer surprised me … I sent my first email to the development mailing list in March of 2007 and began visiting the IRC channels in December of 2008.” This makes him one of the longest-running continuous participants in the project!

Jason has been active in Evergreen and OpenSRF development since 2011, and he was made an Evergreen core committer in 2012. Jason counts his two proudest code contributions to Evergreen as adding support for the SIP2 Fee Paid message, released in 2.2; and his work on Evergreen’s NCIPServer

Jason has authored over 320 commits for Evergreen which puts him at #13 on the all-time authors list and has authored several commits for OpenSRF as well, coming in at #9 on that all-time authors list. He is also very active in Launchpad where he has commented on close to 2,000 bugs over the years, and reported more than 200.

Jason can often be found in the #evergreen IRC channel under the handle Dyrcona, where he is well-known for offering his thoughts and answering questions from both experienced and new Evergreeners alike.

Jason encourages new community members to pop in to the IRC channel, and to participate in Launchpad. All users are welcome to add bug information. “If you can add a comment or even just click the link that the bug also affects your organization, that’s valuable information,” Jason says.

Anyone who’s attended a conference knows that sometimes the most valuable interactions occur outside of scheduled presentations, and the Evergreen conference is no different. Jason touts the annual conference, noting, “I find the social aspects of the conference to be the most rewarding, and I often learn more in informal chats with other users than I do in the formal sessions.”

Jason leaves us with this final thought on the community: “The Evergreen community is amazing! I participate on the periphery of a few other Free and Open Source software communities online, and the Evergreen community is one of the most friendly and welcoming among them. So, please, jump right in! The water’s warm, and there are no alligators in sight.”

Do you know someone in the community who deserves a bit of extra recognition? Please use this form to submit your nominations. We ask for your email in case we have any questions, but all nominations will be kept confidential.

Any questions can be directed to Andrea Buntz Neiman via abneiman@equinoxinitiative.org or abneiman in IRC.