Jennifer Pringle: Evergreen Contributor of the Month

The Evergreen Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that February’s Contributor of the Month is Jennifer Pringle.  Jennifer works for BC Libraries Cooperative (The Co-op) as Support Helpdesk & Trainer. The Co-op supports the Sitka consortium of public, post-secondary, K-12, and special libraries across three Canadian provinces.

Jennifer’s Evergreen involvement began in 2008 when she worked at Whistler Public Library, which became the 5th Sitka public library to migrate to Evergreen and one of the earliest public libraries using Evergreen outside of Georgia PINES.  Jennifer later moved to the Co-op where she leveraged her frontline experience with Evergreen to support and train consortium members.

“My day to day is answering questions,” Jennifer says. “A lot of what I contribute to the community is from issues submitted by our libraries — if we can’t fix it, I go to Launchpad.”  

Jennifer is very active in Launchpad, having filed 93 Launchpad bugs and commented on 134 bugs. She has also participated in several Evergreen Community Bug Squashing events.  In addition, Jennifer has provided 27 testing signoffs for Evergreen code, and has contributed 5 documentation commits to the community.

Acquisitions has long been a focal point of Jennifer’s community work.  Her consortium was one of the first adopters of Evergreen Acquisitions. Over the years, Jennifer has been involved with the Acquisitions Interest Group, including drawing wider community attention to Acquisitions bugs and filing workflow improvement requests.

More recently, Jennifer has become involved with the Student Success Working Group, where she encourages the Co-op’s postsecondary libraries to provide feedback.  She has also been focusing on testing related to the new Web Staff Client. “Switching to the Web Client has been a big change, but a good change,” she states.  Jennifer and her coworkers put Evergreen releases through months of testing before an upgrade, allowing them to uncover issues that may be missed by others.

Jennifer encourages new community members to be brave.  “It may be scary to ask that first question, but the community isn’t scary,” she advises.  “No one person is working in isolation in the community. Our community is just so interconnected, which I think is fantastic.”

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Any questions can be directed to Andrea Buntz Neiman via or abneiman in IRC.