Laundry List

It’s been a while, but here’s just some of what I’ve personally been doing during this latest stretch of radio silence:

  • In-database circulation permit calculation — ~5ms instead of ~100ms for arbitrarily complex circ rules
  • In-database hold permit calculation — ~5ms, down from about 50ms
  • In-database relevance rank adjustments — configure relative weights and have them take effect immediately
  • Native SRU interface (full CQL bibliographic searching context set) with Z39.50 based on Simple2ZOOM
  • Rewritten search code — no more stalls on overly common search terms, and much faster in general
  • Per-object permissions
  • I18N infrastructure for in-database strings (Library names, etc)
  • Infrastructure required for in-database record ingest (coming this summer)
  • Acquisitions and serials data modeling
  • Exposing many preexisting back-end features to the OPAC (advanced query syntax, resort and limit to available after search, etc)
  • Work on some other Evergreen-based ideas

And yes, like everybody else, I’ve added Google Book Search to the Evergreen catalog.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the development that’s been going on recently. ACQ is coming along, the OPAC is getting friendlier, patron self-service options are expanding, full I18N is now just a matter of string removal (and we have both French-Canadian and simplified Chinese translations) … the list is far too long for me to remember on a cloudy Saturday morning.