logging #openils-evergreen, and writing OPEN-ILS-DOCUMENTATION

Hi folks,

Just a quick blurb to let everyone know that we’re now publicly logging the #openils-evergreen IRC channel where most of the Evergreen developers hang out for real-time chat. This was proposed by Dan Scott and informally voted upon on the mailing lists and in-channel. Here’s an excerpt of some of his rationale:

…as our i18n work proceeds and Evergreen becomes a realistic option for more countries throughout the world, we will increasingly run into situations where the time zones of the North American core development team doesn’t match the time zones of potential adopters and potential developers. In addition, in many places Internet connectivity is more sporadic: it might be available just a few hours per day. In those cases, the knowledge that is shared via IRC could be greatly beneficial to others if they were able to at least search for previous discussions on the IRC logs.

We also added a web gateway to IRC to make it easier for folks to join us, and browse and search interfaces for the logs.

Something else I wanted to mention, involving the creation of a new mailing list, OPEN-ILS-DOCUMENTATION. On OPEN-ILS-GENERAL and OPEN-ILS-DEV, I had made this offer:

Here’s an open invitation to everyone: I’ll personally train anyone on Evergreen who’s willing to contribute to the documentation effort (via remote desktop and phone conference technology).

I was surprised by the number of volunteers, and while I have more than enough for the short-term, the offer is still open for those who want training down the road. Thanks again to Dan Scott for agreeing to manage the documentation efforts of these volunteers!

— Jason