Measures of maximum load in PINES – update

In an earlier post, I reported on some figures measuring the then maximum transaction load levels on PINES. Two of those were from the day after Memorial Day in 2007 (that is, May 29, 2007). What happened in 2008 the day after Memorial Day (May 27, 2008)? Well, we have another busy day.

                          May 29, 2007                               May 27, 2008

Total circs                 96,326                                     100,427
per day

Maximum circs
per hour                    11,305                                      12,227
                          (11AM-12PM)                                 (11AM-12PM) 

This year’s total figure is 4.26% over last year’s.

The busiest minute in 2008 was 331 transactions while last year’s maximum figure was 548—although it was a day earlier in the month.

What was the busiest second? Why, I am glad you asked. There were three seconds during the day when 9 items circulated.

Bob Molyneux