Meet the new Dan, same as the old Dan

Originally posted to the open-ils-dev and open-ils-general mailing lists.

Part of growing (as a software project, individually as developers, and generally in life) is to open up to others, to let others in, to be willing to allow others to explore and criticize and help. Even in the open source world that’s harder than it would seem, and only made more difficult when your “baby” is a 200k lines-of-code 3 year old (counting, and I do, the 2 year gestation period).
All that said, I’m overjoyed to announce that Dan Scott, a long time contributor of both patches and ideas, has accepted the offer of the core team to become a committer on the Evergreen project. It’s a milestone for the project, and Dan’s enthusiasm is, to me, a welcome sign that we’re on the right track.

I first met Dan in person at the Windsor University Future of the ILS Symposium where he needled me about non-English collation support and interface translation. Since then he’s been leading the charge for proper I18N, including providing a French-Canadian DTD for the OPAC and Staff Client. He’s also been producing VMWare images of running Evergreen development installations for quite some time, and providing installation support, patches and feedback.

Now I get to step out of his way (being the patch wrangler) and let him work his magic directly. It’s a nice feeling.

I’d like to note, too, that thanks is due to Laurentian University. Laurentian has been supportive of Dan’s efforts with Evergreen, funding his travel for the AcqFest, and enabling him to spend some of his office hours on Evergreen development.

Thanks, Dan, and welcome to the team … again!