New Core Committer: Michele Morgan

The Evergreen Core Committer Team has welcomed Michele Morgan of NOBLE as its newest member. Core Committers are members of the Evergreen Community who can commit code to the main community repository, and their work is critical to keeping Evergreen moving forward.

Michele was nominated by Core Committer Jane Sandberg. “Michele is a long-standing Evergreen contributor. She is a regular (and thorough!) reviewer of incoming code contributions, and has helped the development community prioritize its work in a user-focused way,” Jane says. “I’m so glad that she’s on our commit team!”

Michele has been working on Evergreen’s code for most of a decade, and has authored nearly 40 patches as well as signed off on almost 200 patches by others. She’s also active in testing and giving feedback on in-process code and has served on release teams.

“I’m very excited to join the team of Core Committers for the Evergreen project!” Michele says. “I’m so impressed by the Evergreen community and its members. So many members contribute in any ways they can. Every contribution small or not-so-small is extremely valuable and helps make Evergreen better. I’m looking forward to continue helping improve Evergreen as a member of the Core Committers team.”

Congratulations, Michele, and thanks for your hard work!