On the march to the 1,000th Evergreen library

In my talk at the Evergreen conference, I reported counts of the number of Evergreen libraries by various categories. At the time, I estimated that in early May, there would be 415 library systems and 858 library outlets using Evergreen. I missed some and (my current estimate of) the actual numbers is 425 systems and 873 library outlets–"libraries" running Evergreen. We are closer to 1,000 than I realized.

I remind folks of the contest to predict the date the 1,000th library migrates to Evergreen. It is discussed on the Equinox Blog: "Coming soon! The 1,000th Evergreen library." Complete with a Major Award.

The contest ends next Friday, May 20 so all entries need to be in by then to me.

bob at esilibrary.com