OpenSRF 2.2.0-alpha released

OpenSRF 2.2.0-alpha is now available for download and testing.  This is a relatively small enhancement and bugfix release, and includes the following major changes:

  1. Support for Apache 2.4, Debian Wheezy, and Fedora 18.
  2. Elimination of CPU spikes caused by use of the MultiSession module.  This is particularly relevant for Evergreen as TPac uses MultiSession when fetching bib records for display in search results.
  3. Support for graceful reload of Perl services via SIGHUP, which allows the log level to be changed on the fly.  This can also be used to politely clean up after memory leaks.

For a complete list of the changes, please consult the release notes and change log.

Links to the installation tarball, release notes, and installation instructions can be found on the OpenSRF downloads page.

We are considering having 2.2.0 be the recommended OpenSRF version for Evergreen 2.4.  Consequently, testers of the Evergreen 2.4 beta are encouraged to test the OpenSRF alpha as well.  In addition, because of the changes to MultiSession, we are particularly interested in test results from a variety of platforms, particularly ones that use virtualization.