OpenSRF 2.2.1 released

OpenSRF 2.2.1 is now available for download and use. This is a small enhancement and bugfix release, and includes the following major changes:

  • Due to Mozilla withdrawing support for multipart XHR responses from Firefox as of version 22, multipart message support is now disabled for all clients except the Evergreen staff client.
  • A method was added to get and/or set the locale used by all new client sessions for the current process. This is primarily useful for clients that wish to make a series of OpenSRF calls and don’t wish to set the locale for each new AppSession object.
  • Minor fixes to improve support for the current Debian testing release as well as resolving some unitialized variable warnings.

For a complete list of the changes, please consult the release notes and change log.

Links to the installation tarball, release notes, and installation instructions can be found on the OpenSRF downloads page.