Output goings on

We finally broke down and created a Freshmeat project — well, Brad did. I’ve added the 1.0.1 release (also available here), and it’s waiting approval by the fine folks over at FM.

As I mentioned before in passing, we’re trying to be better about these sorts of things. We’ll continue to announce releases here and do our best to keep the FM page up to date as well. You can expect new release bundles fairly often, if irregularly, and we’re committed to not breaking compatibility inside any major release series — so 1.0.2 (whenever that happens) will simply replace 1.0.1 directly, with no specialized upgrade script required.

Now that we’re numbering releases we’ll also try to pull together some “official” documentation on what the version numbers mean, but for now it’s safe to think of it like the Linux kernel: 0 and even numbered minor version numbers (x.[02468].x) are stable, and odds are development/experimental/unstable.

That’s all for now … but stay tuned!