Pile o’ stuff

Wow. It’s been a crazy two months. We’ve been going strong, if silent, and overall things have been going swimmingly. Some highlights:

  • The mailing lists finally got busy (yay!), and to help sort through some of our growing pains we put together a document to help early adopters and contributors to get their feet wet
  • Brought on a new system, South Georgia Regional, during the first half of December and they’ve been humming right along
  • Added snazzy new back-end storage and search functionality which should allow all sorts of new data access patterns
  • Brought on another new system, Thomas County Public, on February 1st while I (miker) was at…
  • …the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference talking about metadata normalization and how generally and specifically we can use said to increase the utility of the OPAC for our patrons
  • Bill headed up north to Rochester, NY, to attend the XC (eXtensable Catalog) partners meeting — for which I am very jealous, as he got to meet the (in)famous Roy Tennent
  • And, last but not least, we managed to squeeze Evergreen version 1.0.2 out the door. You can expect more frequent release in the near term, and we are currently targeting sometime this spring for 1.2.0

All in all, we really should have filled up several pages here, so … sorry. 🙂 Perhaps some more detail will come soon…