PINES the day after Memorial Day, 2007-2010

Some of you may know that Lamar Veatch and I are working on an article on the history of Evergreen so we are busy with that work—and will possibly be posting bits and pieces here. I suspect that we will also assemble web-friendly materials for an online history somewhere but that in time.

Dr. Veatch and I were talking about previous posts on the PINES circulation traffic on the day after Memorial Day and here are those impressive numbers showing the load on PINES, updated through this year’s figures.

These numbers are yet another demonstration of the increasing demand on PINES libraries—as if we needed one—and that Evergreen can handle a great deal of traffic.

The increase in the figures from 2009 to 2010 is extraordinary. The busiest day of PINES has a 20% increase in total circulations over last year’s and the busiest hour of the busiest day (11AM-12PM) shows a 30% increase.

Maximum circulations by date and interval

  May 29, 2007 May 27, 2008 May 26, 2009 June 1, 2010
Total circs
for the day
96,326 100,427 109,093 128,830
Max circs
per hour
11,305 12,227 12,251 16,119
Max circs
per minute
548 331 322 358
Max circs
per second
  9 19 22

Thanks to Mike Rylander and Don McMorris for these numbers.

When everyone digs out a bit, we will check the per minute figure for 2007. I think most of us have suspected that number is in error. Mike has a theory about how it was miscalculated.

The checkins are reported for 2010 for the first time and that number adds a dimension to this set of statistics that was missing before. As evocative as the circs figures are they do not capture all that was going on. We will include these data next time.

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Bob Molyneux