Release 3.6 Beta2 Available

Release 3.6 Beta2

The first Beta release of Evergreen 3.6 has been undergoing testing for nearly two weeks. Efforts of Evergreen community members and a successful Bug Squashing Week have resulted in 253 patches committed and released for 3.6 Beta1, and another 40 patches for 3.6 Beta2. That second beta release is now available on the downloads page.

Feature Highlights

Better Tools to Manage Hopeless Holds

A new interface identifies holds with no remaining items that can fill them, and provides actions staff can take to deal with them. This development was contributed by Equinox, sponsored by MassLNC and NOBLE.

Test Patron Notification Methods Functionality

The patron edit screen now offers the option of testing a patron’s email address and SMS notification preference by clicking a button next to the email and SMS data fields. This development was contributed by Catalyte, sponsored by MassLNC.

Enhancements to Print/Email from the OPAC

Patrons will have more options when printing bibliographic information from the catalog. Choices for Full and Brief format have been added as well as the option to include holdings. This development was contributed by Equinox, sponsored by MassLNC.

Deserving of a second mention is Chris Burton’s guide to the Bootstrap opac:

Other improvements for Beta2 include multiple Angular Catalog refinements, accessibility improvements and many bug fixes which will also be included in maintenance releases of 3.4 and 3.5.

What’s next

Bug Squashing week may be over, but continued testing of the beta release is strongly encouraged to further refine the 3.6 features. The 3.6 Release Candidate is planned for October 7th.

The 3.6 Release Team:

Galen Charleton
Jason Boyer
Terran McCanna
Michele Morgan