Request for Quotation: Accessibility Conformance Report for Evergreen OPAC

The Evergreen Project (TEP) (a 501(c)3 which governs the open source Evergreen ILS project) is seeking quotes for Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs) based on the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) 2.4 INT framework. At this time, TEP seeks a vendor to provide an evaluation of 41 interface pages and 15 user tasks.

Evergreen is an open source integrated library system that provides a web interface for libraries’ catalogs and user account management. More information about the Evergreen ILS can be found at

Access to a test database with logins, as well as a software overview presentation, will be provided to the selected vendor. However, any vendor who wishes to see the software in question can visit A user login to use is username 99999376864, password leona1234. Please note that this demo system is not running the most recent version of the software, but is running a version that is new enough to give an accurate sense of the scope of the project.

Interested vendors should provide pricing for this project to no later than August 11th, 2023. 

Questions regarding the scope of the project may be directed to:

Katie Greenleaf Martin, TEP board secretary or 717.873.9461

List of Interfaces to be Evaluated

Interface Name Path
Home page /eg/opac/home
Search results /eg/opac/results
Browse Catalog /eg/opac/browse
Browse Results /eg/opac/browse
Advanced Search Form /eg/opac/advanced
… numeric search /eg/opac/advanced
… expert search /eg/opac/advanced
Record details /eg/opac/record
… Awards /eg/opac/record#awards
… Shelf browser /eg/opac/record#cnbrowse
… MARC Record /eg/opac/record#marchtml
… Other added content This is dependent on what the added content provider supplies
Record print preview /eg/opac/record/print_preview
Record email preview /eg/opac/record/email_preview
Record SMS preview /eg/opac/sms_cn
Place hold (while logged in) /eg/opac/place_hold
My Account home /eg/opac/myopac/main
Items Checked Out /eg/opac/myopac/circs
Items On Hold / Ready for Pickup /eg/opac/myopac/holds
Charges / Fines /eg/opac/myopac/charges
Fine payments  
Messages /eg/opac/myopac/messages
History of Checked Out Items /eg/opac/myopac/circ_history
Holds History /eg/opac/myopac/hold_history
Account Preferences /eg/opac/myopac/prefs
Notification Preferences /eg/opac/myopac/prefs_notify
Search and History Preferences /eg/opac/myopac/prefs_settings
List Preferences /eg/opac/myopac/prefs_my_list
Saved Lists /eg/opac/myopac/lists
Basket /eg/opac/mylist
Print Basket /eg/opac/mylist/print
Email Basket /eg/opac/mylist/print
Clear Basket /eg/opac/mylist/clear
Login /eg/opac/login
Password reset /eg/opac/password_reset
Self registration / Request Library Card /eg/opac/register
Course Reserves search /eg/opac/course_search
Course Reserves browse /eg/opac/course_browse
Course Reserves search/browse results /eg/opac/course/results
Course details /eg/opac/course
OPAC manual/help text

List of User Tasks

User Task
Perform a catalog search
Refine a catalog search using a facet
Retrieve a title result
Log in
Place hold
Change account settings / preferences
Change password
View loans and hold requests
Renew loans
Modify hold requests
Print title
Email title
SMS title
Create a basket/list
Add a title to a basket