Social Engagement at the Evergreen Conference

Just two weeks from tomorrow, Evergreen users will convene in Athens, Georgia for the first-ever Evergreen International Conference. (Gulp… two weeks?!) As of last Thursday, we had 133 registrants, not including exhibitors!

The conference committee conducted a survey to measure interest in various programs and activities. The results are fascinating…

* Nearly half of all attendees (or about 90% of the survey respondents) plan to report out the conference through social engagement channels such as Twitter, blogs, mailing lists, and Flickr. (Six of the programs will be videotaped, as well.) The Classic Center has free wifi, and we’re also working hard to ensure attendees have electrical power at their chairs and tables.

* Birds-of-a-Feather/Table Talk interest was very high, with some proposed topics getting nearly 40 votes. In descending order of interest, here’s the list from the survey (more can be proposed at the conference, of course!):

Evergreen in Consortia
Custom Development
Documentation (there is also a half-day discussion on documentation on 5/20)
Starting an Evergreen User Group
Starting an Evergreen Special Interest Group
Starting an Evergreen Foundation
Evergreen in Small Libraries
System Administration

* Documentation is the leading hackfest topic (that may change when registration closes for Sysadmin Survival Training), with other topics being Meet with a Developer, and hands-on coding.

This is going to be one great conference!