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Today’s webinar, Understanding Open Source, went smashingly, particularly with the assistance of Jason Etheridge (Evergreen developer, Equinox software) and Randy Metcalfe (Program director, eIFL-FLOSS). It was a big crowd (over 60 folks) and we moved through a lot of examples, comments, and questions. We truly had the luck o’ the Irish: Jason lost Internet access… half an hour after the webcast ended!

Here’s the recording, and here’s a link to a blog post mentioned in the discussion, The Foundations of Openness. Thanks to those who attended, and please do post follow-up questions here or to the Evergreen lists.

For those of you who couldn’t be there, the recording should be a help, but if you’d like this webinar presented again… well, heck, it took a while to make those slides and I wouldn’t mind getting a second use out of them!

5 thoughts on “Understanding Open Source Webinar recording and links

  • MJ Ray

    Thanks for the post – will you be uploading the video as something more FOSS-friendly than Windows Media? Ogg Theora perhaps?

  • Karen

    MJ Ray, I would really like to convert the video and in particular strip off the audio into a more FOSS-friendly format. I’m on the lookout for tools to do that. Frederic, I’ll put the slides on Slideshare next week (also not a FOSS repository :-/ )

  • MJ Ray

    On the command line, there’s ffmpeg2theora. I’m not great with video (bad eyesight), so there are probably better tools out there.

    Slideshare is OK, particularly if you upload PDF and/or ODT and include a transcript. The problem with slideshare is the registration-required-to-download “lock-in”.

  • Pia Waugh

    Hey there, glad to see the Foundations of Openness paper was discussed. It’d be great to here what people thought. Please feel free to comment on the blog post with feedback.

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