University of Windsor and Evergreen

I am pleased to announce that the University of Windsor has partnered up with the Georgia Public Library Service to work on the Evergreen acquisitions module. Beginning in January 2007, staff from Windsor and GPLS will begin to collaborate on software specifications and development.

A possible building block could be OFBiz, an Open Source ERP application that has almost completed the Apache incubation process, a significant sign of achievement for OSS projects. Although the public side of the ILS has recently received considerable attention from the library community, the possibilities for enhancing some of the lower level processing layers in a library’s operations through OSS are also significant. Representatives from the Georgia Public Library Service recently participated in a symposium on the future of the ILS that was hosted by the University of Windsor, and working together to explore the architecture of a next generation acquisitions system is a strong move toward creating new options for long-standing ILS functions.