2022 Conference – Open Source – Software and Beyond

Tuesday, June 14 2022

4:30 to 5:30 p.m. (ET)

Open Source – Software and Beyond (Slides)

Staff from PaILS (PA’s Evergreen consortium) & Equinox Open Library Initiative will discuss a variety of open source projects and products that they use. They will give an overall survey of open-source options for common proprietary software packages, as well as discussing how the open source movement has moved beyond software and into other domains, like cataloging rules and intellectual property. Presenters will also give detailed information on Open Refine for data management and SubjectsPlus for resource guides and websites, both of which can be used in conjunction with Evergreen.

Presenters: Elizabeth Davis, Support & Project Management Specialist, SPARK/PaILS; Angela Kilsdonk, Product and Education Manager, Equinox Open Library Initiative; Katie Greenleaf Martin, Executive Director, PaILS/SPARK; Jennifer Weston, Product and Education Specialist, Equinox Open Library Initiative