2022 Conference – Speed Up Receiving with Automated Shipment Notifications

Wednesday, June 15 2022

12:30 to 1:30 p.m. (ET)

Speed Up Receiving with Automated Shipment Notifications (Slides)

Some acquisitions vendors provide Automated Shipment Notification (ASN) messages via EDI to inform libraries of shipped items. These messages tell us what orders are arriving and how many items we should expect. We can use this information to present shipment information to staff and automate receiving batches of items with the simple scan of a barcode. King County Library System recently implemented ASN. For this presentation, I’ll do a brief review of what ASN is and how it works, what the receiving interface looks like, and how the process has impacted receiving at King County Library System.

Presenters: Bill Erickson, Software Development Engineer, King County Library System; Paula Allen, Section Supervisor, King County Library System

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