Conference 2022 – Batches, Baskets, Buckets, Bookbags, and Carousels

Wednesday, June 15 2022

1:30 to 2:30 p.m. (ET)

Batches, Baskets, Buckets, Bookbags, and Carousels (slides)

Overview of the different ways to work with batches of items and bibs in Evergreen, including item status batches, item and record buckets, My Lists/Bookbags, and carousels with lots of examples and tips and tricks. New this year: Release 3.7 brought a great feature to the Angular staff catalog — with one click you can add all the records (up to 1000) that match a search to a Basket (and then to a Record Bucket) — a much easier alternative to the Record Bucket Query!

Presenter:  Elizabeth Thomsen, Member Services Manager, NOBLE: North of Boston Library Exchange