Welcome Laura!

Back in December, Laura McFarland joined Equinox Software as a full time software developer for all things Evergreen. Though her primary focus is user interface design and development, which she is also studying as part of her computer science program, she is pretty much up for anything when it comes to writing code.

For those of you who have not met Laura in person or on IRC, you can learn a little bit about her from her welcome interview on the Equinox blog. In the interview, we learn, among other things, that she has a chihuahua named Linux and that she alternates her time between knitting and beating people up (OK, I’m paraphrasing). Seriously, though, we have been quick to challenge her, but not to cross her 🙂

Over the past 6 months, as one of the lead developers, I’ve had the pleasure of being one of Laura’s Evergreen mentors, working with her on a number of Evergreen user interface projects, and committing the majority of her 65+ patches. She dove into Dojo and has, by all accounts, survived unscathed. She has navigated a wide array of Evergreen web interfaces, patching as she went. And she is currently directing her attention to the XUL markup language and staff client development.

It seems fitting that we should celebrate Laura’s 6 month anniversary at Equinox by announcing her acceptance of the core Evergreen team’s offer to become a committer to the Evergreen project. As with all Evergreen developers, she will not work alone. She is part of the growing family of Evergreen developers, users, and advocates — like you!

Laura at EG09