Monthly Archives: January 2008

PINES Consortium welcomes Lake Blackshear Regional Library

Just a quick post to announce PINES has grown by another library system: Lake Blackshear Regional. The PINES consortium has now grown to 49 library systems comprised of over 275 physical locations. The database has also grown: PINES is up to 9.3 million items and 1.8 million active users. PINES […]

A new path for acquisitions development

In my previous post, AcqFest II: The Chronicles of Code, I described the work that we were doing with and around Woodchip – a specialization of the opentaps enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems. The post also described some of the complexity of opentaps – perhaps best demonstrated […]

Indiana Open Source ILS Initiative

The Indiana State Library and the Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library (Zionsville) have announced the Indiana Open Source ILS Initiative. They are embarking on a statewide project to implement Evergreen in a fashion similar to the Georgia PINES consortium. More information can be found in the announcement. Congratulations, and welcome […]