Evergreen 2023 Conference

Batches, Baskets, Buckets and Bookbags

Overview of the different ways to work with batches of items and bibs in Evergreen, including item status batches, item and record buckets, My Lists/Bookbags, and carousels with lots of examples and tips an d tricks. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QgrH…

Achieving Fulfillment

Evergreen has a sibling named Fulfillment, an application made to allow for wide spread and low effort interlibrary loan among libraries. Join us as we discuss the history of its shared code with Evergreen, ongoing development, what makes it special and learn if it might help you expand sharing with […]

2023 Conference: Lightning Talks Day One

2023 Conference: Lightning Talks Day One STAT Courier Service: Alex Bukholdt Open Source Discovery Layers: Jennifer Weston, Equinox Evergreen Indiana’s Search for a Discovery Layer: Ruth Frasur Aspen Discovery Layers Demo: Mark Noble BiblioCommons Open Source Discovery Layer: Erica Reynolds Migrating to Aspen: Melissa Macomber On the proper use of […]