Evergreen Libraries

2017 Evergreen Community Survey

Happy New Year! Now that 2017 is behind us, the Evergreen Outreach Committee is beginning to gather highlight the year’s activities for the 2017 annual report. We are asking Evergreen libraries and consortia to respond to our annual community survey. The survey is essential for capturing a snapshot of the […]

Tell Us About Your Evergreen Library / Consortium

The Evergreen Outreach Committee is asking anyone who can to respond to the first annual community survey. If you are a member of a consortium we only need one response for the entire consortium. The information is for an annual report that we will present at the conference each year. Additionally, the information […]

Evergreen at 5

Happy Birthday, Evergreen! Tuesday, September 6, was the beginning of Evergreen’s sixth year. (Evergreen’s anniversary is calculated as the day after the U.S. Labor Day in early September. The PINES library consortium was the first implementation of Evergreen and it went live on that day in 2006.) What follows are […]