Evergreen Released

The Evergreen development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Evergreen

Release adds 13 bug fixes and 8 new features to Evergreen, from pop-up context menus for the MARC editor to a crucial bug fix for an issue with renewing multiple items.

See the release notes for all bug fixes and new features.

Our deepest thanks to everyone in the Evergreen community who contributes documentation, patches, bug reports, and ideas, and lends their voices to the project. Special thanks to James Fournier of Sitka for his patch to address copy information displaying incorrectly if the organizational hierarchy was more than three levels deep.  You all help make Evergreen a far stronger library system than it could ever be without you.

Let us also welcome Grace Dunbar, who has joined Equinox Software as the Project Manager for Product Development. This was the first Evergreen release she has participated in, and we are delighted to have her aboard!