Evergreen 2.4 Beta1

The first (and likely only, barring major bugs) beta release of Evergreen 2.4 is now available for download and testing.  This marks the official feature-freeze point for the 2.4 series of Evergreen.  Notable features include:

  • Significant TPAC enhancements
  • Streamlined and enhanced Acquisitions functionality
  • Expanded options for the configuration of Holds and Circulations

The full set of upcoming features are listed in the release notes, and the complete list  of source code changes since the release of 2.3 is available in the git change log.

The OpenSRF 2.2.0 or later is recommended for use with Evergreen 2.4.  OpenSRF 2.2 is in alpha now, with release expected at approximately the same time as Evergreen 2.4.0.  All testers of the Evergreen 2.4 beta are encouraged to test with OpenSRF 2.2.0, as there are significant performance enhancements and bug fixes associated with Evergreen’s new features.

Thanks to all who helped make this release possible.