Evergreen 3.1.0 released

The Evergreen community is proud to announce the release of Evergreen 3.1.0. Evergreen is highly-scalable software for libraries that helps library patrons find library materials and helps libraries manage, catalog, and circulate those materials, no matter how large or complex the libraries.

Evergreen 3.1.0 is a major release that includes the following new features of particular note:

  • Evergreen can now highlight search terms in the public catalog’s results and record details pages.
  • Customized copy alerts can now be added to copies. These alerts can be configured to display under specific conditions, such as during check in. Evergreen administration can also control the display or suppression of these alerts.
  • It is now possible to allows users to place hold requests on multiple copies of a title or metarecord in one fell swoop, making it easier to support book clubs and reading groups.
  • If a patron picks up an item on behalf another who had placed a hold request for it, Evergreen now gives circulation staff the opportunity to cancel the hold request and check out the item to the requestor’s agent.
  • A new billing statement view is now available on the patron bills page in the web staff client.
  • Circulation billings now keep track of the time that the billing was created and the relevant fine period start and end times, making management of overdue billings easier.
  • The “Items Out” page in the web staff client now includes columns indicating the number of notices sent and the date of the latest notice.
  • The database now keeps a record of bibliographic record merges.
  • Evergreen now has the notion of a virtual index definition, allowing Evergreen administrators to control the weighting and field inclusion of values that make up the general keyword index and to flexibility aggregate indexes.
  • More definitions for Metabib Display Fields now ship with Evergreen, and the title display field is now used in more places.
  • Record attribute indexing definitions can now draw from multiple sources of values at once. For example, a attribute definition can now use both a tag and subfield specification and an XPath expression to identify values.
  • The record language search attribute now draws from both the 008 and 041 fields.
  • The command-line MARC export job can now be configured to export only records that have located URIs, making management of electronic resource records easier.

The release is available on the Evergreen downloads page. For more information on what’s included in Evergreen 3.1.0, please consult the release notes.

Evergreen 3.1.0 requires PostgreSQL 9.4 or later and OpenSRF 3.0.0 or later.

Evergreen 3.1.0 includes contributions from at least 22 individuals and 11 funding institutions across the globe.