Evergreen 3.6.0 Released

The Evergreen Community is proud to announce the release of Evergreen 3.6.0! Release 3.6 is more fully featured than originally planned, and includes a number of significant new features available to all Evergreen users thanks to the efforts of the Evergreen Community. Highlights include:

New Features:

  • Course Reserves Module
  • Curbside Pickup Module
  • Experimental Bootstrap-Based OPAC
  • Angular Staff Catalog becomes the default in the client
  • Patron API Authentication
  • Enhanced Documentation using Antora


  • Angularization of many client interfaces
  • Matomo Support for catalog analytics
  • Dedicated interface for managing Hopeless Holds
  • Test patron SMS and Email notification methods
  • Enhanced Print and Email from the public catalog
  • Stripe credit card payments upgraded to use v.3 (Elements)
  • Support for subtotals in Reports
  • Support for pasting a list of barcodes in Item Status

Release 3.6 is available for download from the Evergreen downloads page; the full feature list is available in the release notes.

Thanks to all those who contributed code, testing, feedback, documentation, and their time and expertise to make Release 3.6.0 possible!

The Evergreen 3.6 Release Team

Galen Charlton
Jason Boyer
Terran McCanna
Michele Morgan