Evergreen 3.9.0 Announced

The Evergreen Community is pleased to announce that version 3.9.0 was released on April 29, 2022.

It is available for download from https://evergreen-ils.org/egdownloads/

This is a major release with various new features and enhancements, including:

  • A new Simple Reporter feature
  • I18N support for Action/Trigger templates (notifications, receipts, etc.)
  • Custom cover-image uploader
  • Staff portal/splash page customization
  • OAI-PMH data provider support
  • Improvements to copy inventory recording
  • Staff-client accessible custom jQuery code injection support for OPAC customization
  • SIP2 improvements
  • Carousel improvements, including an external-site widget
  • OPAC display improvements
  • Various Angular interface ports
  • General code cleanup and maintenance

Evergreen admins installing or upgrading to 3.9.0 should be aware of
the following:

  • The minimum version of PostgreSQL required to run Evergreen 3.9 is PostgreSQL 9.6, though PostgreSQL 10 is recommended because 9.6 is no longer supported by the PostgreSQL community.
  • The minimum version of OpenSRF is 3.2

The full release notes are available at:


On behalf of the 3.9 release team:

Jason Etheridge
Shula Link
Michele Morgan
Mike Rylander