Google Maps of Evergreen Libraries

Anna Goben at the Lebanon Public Library in Lebanon, Indiana has a page on the library’s Web site with information on the various libraries in Evergreen Indiana. As neat as this page is, see the map over on the right and click on it to see the larger Google map. Wow!

I chatted with her and with her help, I have put together a Google map of all Evergreen libraries, that is, “outlets” (central libraries, branch libraries, and bookmobiles.) I plan on doing more maps and they will be linked to here for the time being as I experiment:

The documentation is sparse so this work is taking a bit of time and there are places where the documentation doesn’t seem correct.

In the first map, I have attempted to show the growth of Evergreen libraries over time so the libraries are in order by the date they went live with Evergreen. The next will show the consortia.