MODS CQL search points in OpenILS/Evergreen; or, Doing what we already do

This is awesome. It stems from a request on the MODS list for comments and ideas surrounding MODS search points (and the development of a context set) in CQL. Well, since we use MODS to extract indexable data from our MARC for use by basic searches, I waded right in. And what came out is remarkably similar to what we’re already doing! So, YAY!

I’ll be extending our metadata extraction to cover more of the prescribed MODS search points listed there and then adding a search point to indexed field map that will cover the DC context set. The MARC context set will be handled a little differently, but most of the underlying code for that already exists as well. Then, open-ils.supercat will get a CQL to OpenILS search syntax translator. After that, it’s a SMOP to create an SRW/SRU server…

Hmm… that’s quite a bit to do, but at least we’re already heading towards what looks to be a new emerging standard and have a plan for full implementation that is just an extension of what we’re already doing and planning to do.

I love it when a plan comes together.