Program drivers wanted: Why Evergreen, and how do we get there?

Question mark by We on the Evergreen Conference planning committee have had some very good questions about the conference programs, and I’ll quote one (almost) verbatim:

“Would attending this first Evergreen conference likely be useful for someone who doesn’t use Evergreen now, but would like a sort-of crash-course?  I’m more interested in seeing and hearing basic implementation stories and technical issues that tend to crop up in early stages of Evergreen deployment; will that be a part of the tracks?”

The answer: absolutely! Consider this a track-within-a-track that can cross functional lines (staff, tech, admin). Success stories, getting-started stories, how and why you selected Evergreen, the value of using Evergreen, how you made the pitch — consider these for full programs, as well as lightning talks and even Birds of a Feather sessions where you can swap tales and tips.

If you’re trying to persuade stakeholders of the economic and technical feasibility of Evergreen, the Evergreen International Conference is a great conference to attend.