Random numbers from the first Evergreen development IRC meeting

From the first Evergreen development meeting IRC log (with apologies to The Economist):

  • 152 (duration in minutes from the official start time of 10:00 AM EDT until the official ending time of 12:32)
  • 627 (comments posted during the meeting)
  • 57 (peak nicks registered in the channel during the meeting – undoubtedly an all-time record for #evergreen)
  • 22 (participants who commented during the meeting)
  • 16 (participants who made more than one comment)
  • 156 (comments made by the most vocal participant)
  • 3 (volunteers to summarize the decisions made and general discussions)
  • 2 (final releases expected next week)
  • 59 (karma increments)
  • 2 (karma decrements)
  • 0 (karma decrements targeted at someone other than the one doing the decrementing)

About Dan Scott

I'm the systems librarian for Laurentian University, with a background in information architecture, database software development, and project planning from spending 8 years with IBM.