Welcome Evergreen’s newest core committer, Kathy Lussier!

I am very pleased to announced that Kathy Lussier, project coordinator for the Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative, is Evergreen’s newest core committer!

Core committers are the folks entrusted with the responsibility of pushing new code to Evergreen’s main Git repository. Consequently, they serve as one of the final lines of defense against bugs slipping in. Kathy is eminently prepared for this role: since 2012, she has tested and signed off on over 250 patches written by others. During the same time period, she authored 100 code and documentation patches, with an especial focus on TPAC.

Kathy has also been very active in a wide variety of work to make coding for Evergreen happen more smoothly.  Some examples include analyzing requirements and writing specifications for various new features; helping to organize Evergreen Hack-A-Ways; helping to expand our use of automated tests; and and coordinating Evergreen’s participation in the GNOME Outreach Program for Women (now Outreachy).

We are fortunate and honored that Kathy Lussier has been a part of Evergreen for years, and I look forward to what she will accomplish in her latest role as a core committer.