Monthly Archives: February 2009

Mini-podcast with Jessamyn West, keynoter at Evergreen Conference

(Cross-posted to the Evergreen blog, list, and Facebook group.) Hear this very short podcast of Jessamyn West on the value of open source software in libraries — a quick preview of Jessamyn’s talk at the upcoming Evergreen International Conference, May 20-22 in Athens, Georgia. Coming soon: a short recording of […]

Evergreen conference program proposal due date approaching

Program proposals for Evergreen International Conference 2009 are due Monday, March 2.  We’ve seen some great proposals flow in, but we’re looking and hoping for more. Send yours in! Please don’t worry about the category — a really good program will find a home. I’m at the Code4Lib 2009 conference […]

Program drivers wanted: Why Evergreen, and how do we get there?

We on the Evergreen Conference planning committee have had some very good questions about the conference programs, and I’ll quote one (almost) verbatim: “Would attending this first Evergreen conference likely be useful for someone who doesn’t use Evergreen now, but would like a sort-of crash-course?  I’m more interested in seeing […]