Daily Archives: 3/19/2013

Evergreen 2.4 Beta1

The first (and likely only, barring major bugs) beta release of Evergreen 2.4 is now available for download and testing.  This marks the official feature-freeze point for the 2.4 series of Evergreen.  Notable features include: Significant TPAC enhancements Streamlined and enhanced Acquisitions functionality Expanded options for the configuration of Holds […]

OpenSRF 2.2.0-alpha released

OpenSRF 2.2.0-alpha is now available for download and testing.  This is a relatively small enhancement and bugfix release, and includes the following major changes: Support for Apache 2.4, Debian Wheezy, and Fedora 18. Elimination of CPU spikes caused by use of the MultiSession module.  This is particularly relevant for Evergreen […]